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OUT FROM THE HEART by James Allen (Full Audiobook)

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In his book James Allen teaches us how to purify our hearts through the fundamental lessons of virtue: physical discipline, mental discipline, doing your best, self-honesty, and forgiveness. If assiduously practiced, these principles will lead to a blessed life of truth.

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Confucius said, “The perfecting of one’s self is the fundamental base of all progress and all moral development”; a maxim as profound and comprehensive as it is simple, practical and uninvolved, for there is no surer way to knowledge, nor no better way to help the world than by perfecting one’s self. Nor is there any nobler work or higher science than that of self-perfection. He who studies how to become faultless, who strives to be pure hearted, who aims at the possession of a calm, wise, and seeing mind, engages in the most sublime task that man can undertake, and the results of which are perceptible in a well-ordered, blessed and beautiful life.


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