Welcome friend,

I’m so glad you’ve been guided to this site. You know your intuition lead you here for a reason.

Maybe you

  • have just started on your spiritual journey and want to live a more mindful life,
  • are already aware of your gifts and have the desire to share them with the world,
  • feel stuck on your path to live an abundant life full of joy,
  • desire to finally live life on your own terms, free of self-imposed limitations, while helping others.

Mindfully Abundant is dedicated to assist all those who seek to actively co-create a life of purpose and financial freedom.

  • A life free of guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs.
  • A lifestyle that values your gifts and supports your mission.
  • The life you have been dreaming about and are actually meant to live.

You feel that there’s more. You feel that it’s time to rise and shine.

Meet your host

Hi, I’m Masha, a multi passionate, and multidimensional being located in Germany.

Societal labels used to describe me:

Single mom, Life Coach, Green Witch, Reiki Healer, Channeller, Psychic, Artist.

Mindfully Abundant is a project I was guided to create to support fellow souls on their journey. This is my way to help raise the vibration of the collective. Here I’ll share my own experiences, as well as the work of others.

Therefore you will find links to articles, products, and services. For some, I will get a small compensation (affiliate link – read disclaimer here) that helps me cover the costs to run this project.


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To work with me personally, contact me for 1:1 coaching or Reiki sessions.